Fired Up | elyse kelly
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Fired Up

Animated short about the origin of Obama's famed "Fired up, ready to go!" chant.

About This Project

Directed & Produced by: Dan Fipphen • Elyse Kelly


Sequence Directors:

Emily Eckstein & Ege AlperAlex SilverLynn Tomlinson • The Duke & the DuckAmy Lee KetchumJuan Camilo GonzalezMusa BrookerMiguel JironSara SpinkLou MortonDaniela Sherer


Music: Brooke Blair & Will Blair
Audio post facility: MeanGreen Media
Sound design & mix: Chris Mastellone


Selected Press & Accolades:
The Atlantic Editors’ Picks / The Atlantic Facebook 
The Atlantic: Politics & Policy Daily
Huffington Post
Ottawa Int’l Animation Festival 2017
Anima Mundi Animation Festival 2017

animation, documentary, short film